Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up Exposed!

Kristy Althaus, runner-up in the Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant—one of the feeder pageants for Donald Trump’s Miss Universe operation—seems to have lost her status as the second-best Colorado teen of 2012 after a porn video apparently featuring her emerged on the internet last week.

A tipster directed us to a video posted January 24 on the GirlsDoPorn website starring a woman who bears a strong resemblance to Miss Althaus, the woman in red in the video above. On Tuesday, a longer clip from the video on pornhub identified its star as a “Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up.” Both links are very NSFW of course!!.

In the video, a man who is off-camera asks the dark-haired star how old she is. “I’m 18,” she replies.

“And this is definitely your first adult video?”

“Yes, it is,” she says. she also mentions she is very excited

In that fall 2012 pageant, Althaus was one spot away from traveling to New York as her state’s representative to the Miss Teen USA pageant and she could vault into the national spotlight if, as the emcee said, the champion “is unable to fulfill her reign.”

Yet the pageant producer spent much of Wednesday purging its website of any reference to Althaus among the winners and runners-up, as these before-and-after screenshots show maybe due to their previous brush with Miss Teen Delaware and girlsdoporn

Back in January, we related the saga of Kristy Althaus, a promising young college student and runner-up in the Trump owned Miss Colorado Teen USA beauty pageant. She had apparently been stripped of her title for appearing in an online porn video. She now appears to be making porn a career with a release of the second video of apparently a few more to come.

Althaus was done wrong by pageant promoters after the events at the beginning of the year. When evidence of the pornographic video emerged, the pageant promoter scrubbed all references to her from its website, even deleting a video of the pageant from its YouTube channel.

But Althaus will not be forgotten. A second video of her performing has appeared this week on the internet—link NSFW—and the occasion is even being used to promote sales on one of the websites where it appears:

Porn enthusiasts are excited about her comeback. “Could this be a sign she’ll give being a pornstar a try?” one asks (link very NSFW). “I truly hope so because she’s a natural.”

The Bronco Mentioned in the first video

The Blind Gossip item-

Miss Sleazy

This professional athlete has been bragging that his girlfriend is beautiful “both inside and out.”

Now you can get to know her inside and out, too… because she just made a p*rn film behind his back!

Note that this is not a private film that she can deny or claim to be shocked about. This is a calculated move on her part. Nice timing, too, as his season is about to start. It should bring her lots of publicity… and him and his team lots of embarrassment. Are you ready for some scandal?





Athlete: Derek Wolfe

Team: Denver Broncos

Girlfriend: Kristy Althaus

When Kristy Althaus got caught in performing in a p*rn video in January, the Miss Colorado Teen pageant quickly removed all traces of her from their website.

Derek Wolfe of the Denver Broncos forgave her for her past indiscretion, started dating her, and proudly proclaimed his admiration and affection for her on Twitter and Instagram. To Derek, Althaus was beautiful “inside and out.”

Derek thought that the first video was a one off. He didn’t know that Althaus was secretly planning a career as a professional p*rn actress!

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